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FAQ about Koindex

FAQ about Koindex

FAQ about Koindex

1. Will there be a reduction in the transaction fee paid by users who reach a certain weekly trade volume?

We plan to charge according to the transaction volume after the opening. We will announce the schedule through our official accounts.

2. Will there be any graphic support independent of Trading View?

Trading View is used on the Koindex board.

3. Will the users’ assets be insured? Will users be able to see the funds of the stock market in cases of piracy?

We will protect users’ assets in cooperation with an insured custodian service provider.

4. Will there be any problems such as freezing, not being able to trade or withdrawing money in sudden fluctuations in Bitcoin?

No, but when the ripple is high, the “spread” may open more than usual.

5. Will TRY pairs be included?

We will cover this issue after our opening on June 25.

6. Will there be futures and futures transactions?

It will be in the future.

7. How will mining be?

KOIN will be produced as a transaction at Koindex, or it will be possible to produce direct KOIN with the Auto Boiler feature. KOIN will be consumed primarily on the Koindex platform for payment of transaction fees and similar transactions. It will also have new features after launch. The market circulation number will decrease and its value will increase. It is possible to think of KOIN as a stock. KOIN holders have the right to make permanent profit, such as “dividends to shareholders”. Even if this mining is over, it will not change.

8. Will you have a page with Turkish terms of all terms? Will even a person who does not know will be able to learn after reading?

Yes, the entire website will be in Turkish. The English version of all pages is also being studied.

9. Is there a B plan if the desired amount is not reached in the pre-sale?

No, even if the total amount is not sold, there will be no resale.

10. Will there be a daily report? How many locked Coins can we see on a monthly basis?

Yes, you will be able to see.

11. The functioning of KOIN is kind of like stablecoin. So how can you fund it? How will you find your return?

Koindex has a treasury management team for market formation and liquidity.

12. It will be the Leading Investor Day for VIP. It is necessary to deposit at least 15 thousand dollars. So, will there be extra advantages for those who hold a certain amount of COIN in their wallets, apart from the discount in the pre-sale?

Yes it will happen. We will do this type of applications after opening.

13. Will there be OCO orders?

No. However, it can be considered if there is high demand.

14. Will there be any recovery and burning processes for KOIN in the future?

Undoes can always happen. This is why treasury management is carried out.

I think that there will be many FAQs about Koindex in the future, so I will add them later.

Source: Koindex Official Blog – FAQ about Koindex




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