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Koindex Trade Mining

Koindex Trade Mining

Koindex Trade Mining

What is Koindex trade mining that provides effortless additional income to crypto traders, we explain in this article how Koindex users make money with buy and sell mining.

Trade mining is among the methods preferred by crypto exchanges that say hello to the market to increase access to new users. Thus, while crypto money trading platforms gain volume and depth, crypto investors enjoy the advantage of obtaining additional income.

Mining system, also known by the trade name get buy mining in Turkey, due to the need to obtain any equipment revenue “unequipped mining” as it is known. This method, which is preferred by various global stock exchanges, is based on the fact that every transaction made on the platform generates a token.

New generation cryptocurrency mining

In traditional cryptocurrency mining, transactions on the Bitcoin network, for example, need to be verified every 10 minutes as a block. This verification is done by solving an extremely complex mathematical operation by advanced hardware. Miners from all over the world go to the race to do the verification. BTC is given as a reward to the miner who first confirmed the transaction.

This is how the new BTC entry into the Bitcoin network takes place. For that reason, the ear of the crypto money world was in the Bitcoin Halving event that took place in mid-May. In this process, the reward per verification to miners was halved.

In Koindex Trade mining system, it is sufficient for the user to have a Koindex account to earn income by mining. No costly mining hardware is required. In every transaction on Koindex, the platform’s own crypto asset, KOIN, is produced.

Twice the gain with Pledging function

When a user makes any cryptocurrency purchases, the KOINs generated on the system are automatically defined in that person’s wallet. The user can then instantly sell this KOIN, which is defined in his wallet, to cryptocurrencies such as ETH or BTC. Crypto traders can earn income from profit distribution for every day they keep KOIN in their wallets.

If the Koindex user decides to keep the KOINs he has earned as a reward during trading, this time he earns extra money by pledging. Koindex rewards users who promise to keep their KOIN in their wallet for 30 days, with an additional KOIN between 1-3 percent, and those who promise to keep 90 days, with an additional KO8.

Alongside the buy and sell mining and pledging functions, Koindex is fully responsive to the needs of crypto traders with its high security technology and low transaction fees. You can also browse Koindex.io to create an account on this innovative platform and start earning while trading.

Source: Koindex official blog

Koindex Trade Mining

Designated Mining Token, Regarding KUSD & IUSD

Starting June 15th, Koindex exchange will begin selling tokens exclusively for auto mining that will allow users to participate in Pre-Mining more effectively.

Details are below:


 ・6/15 12:00 Turkish time (GMT+3)

Tokens for sale


Sales Rate

 1 USDT = 0.5 KUSD + 0.5 IUSD

 ※Minimum purchase is 20 USDT

Sales Method

 ・Only purchasable with USDT

 ・After purchasing, we will distribute KUSD & IUSD to you in a 1:1 ratio

 ・Sold on a designated Koindex page

Limited time bonus until the start of Pre-Mining on June 17th

 If purchase amount is:

 $2,000~14,999: +2% & “Premium Investors Day” eligibility during Pre-Mining!

 $15,000~ : +5% & “VIP Day” & “Premium Investors Day” eligibility for Pre-Mining!!

Use purpose of KUSD & IUSD

 ・ KUSD and IUSD are mining tokens that can only be used for automatic mining

 ・ Can be used anytime after Pre-Mining as well

KUSD, & IUSD mining currency pairs

 6/17~ :



 6/19~ :








KUSD & IUSD Specifications

・ Koindex will collateralize the USDT used at the time of conversion to KUSD & IUSD.

・ When KUSD and IUSD are used for mining, they will be swapped with USDT and revenue distributions for affiliations and funds will be paid out in USDT.

・ KUSD and IUSD will be burned after use.


 ・Users cannot sell or withdraw KUSD & IUSD.

 ・Pre-Mining VIP Day participation requires a minimum token purchase of 15,000 USDT. Once 15,000 is used to acquire KUSD and IUSD (Minimum 7,500 each), please note this transaction is non-reversible.

Source: Koindex official blog: Koindex Trade Mining




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