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What is CROSS exchange?


CROSS exchange is the first cryptocurrency exchange officially licensed by the Azerbaijan government.

Azerbaijan has revealed plans to implement smart contracts and blockchain technology in its justice system and housing industry.

In future, they will bring these smart contracts into public utilities such as gas, water, and electricity supply.

Azerbaijan has already laid out a five-year plan that will entail the central bank of the nation and IBM working to deploy the technology.


Innovative Trading System

The transaction fee mining

80% of transaction fee will be returned to investors in each currency such as BTC,ETH,XRP,ADA,EOS,NEO

The volume ranking is also rising rapidly



※USDT denominated, January 22, 2019


The Mining Plan

Select your favorite automatic mining plan and get XEX token!

Depending on the type of mining plan, the return rate and locking period of XEX will change. As the lock period becomes longer (max 90 days) the return rate of XEX will be higher.

Revenue sharing

Join the excess dividend plan, to enjoy higher dividend ratio

The revenue dividend rate is 20%~80%,by setting a lock period for each plan, the payout is higher than usual.




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