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Advantages of CROSS exchange

Advantages of CROSS exchange

First of all, please watch the following movie.

Life generally is not easy, it will be the evolution of crypto that change our story.

I’m using CROSS exchange. Many people have been investing and making profits with them.

‘Mining by trading’

CROSS exchange is designed to build ‘Mining by trading”Dividend model’ and pay out dividend rights of mining coin XEX to users and markets. 95% XEX excluding 5% marketing expenses to expand the project are determined by “minor”.

The innovative automated trading system will increase assets.

CROSS exchange has a mining function that can be mined automatically. The user selects the mining function panel. Anyone can easily mining by simply choosing your favorite mining plan and mining brand. Enter the amount of the digital currency used for mining and you can start mining immediately.
The mining program will automatically “self-deal” on behalf of the user and will continue to convert the transaction fee to XEX (mining coin) continuously. Generate XEX until the digital currency used for mining can not execute “self-dealing” or until the mining output per unit time reaches the upper limit per hour. When the upper limit is reached, the mining program automatically stops.

High dividend rate

The Dividend Function section provides users with the “XEX Financial Investment” feature
CROSS exchange has set up “revenue sharing plan” and proposes asset management suitable for user’s needs.
Specifically, we hold the XEX we hold for a certain period of time like a time deposit (lock), the longer the lock-up period, the higher the dividend rate. It is a recommended plan for those who would like to enjoy daily dividends without planning to sell or buy right away.


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